Workflow Manager to Power Your Content Production

From generating ideas, assigning creators to reviewing, and publishing, Kaziflow empowers you to organize, create, and deliver content that inspire, build loyalty and generate traction.

All-in-one Content Marketing Platform (Break the growth Barrier)

Manage your workflow and content creation process from a single platform

Jot Down Ideas on the Go

Ideas can come to you anytime, when cooking, during a hike, or visit you as a midnight rider, we have developed an intuitive and easy to use ideation board where you can ‘jot down’ ideas on the go.

Have your executive team members brainstorm and add ideas and concepts to the board where you can easily adopt winning ideas and turn them into winning content.

Our ideation board helps you streamline work requests by making sure everyone shares the same, accurate information, and expectations for the project.

Manage Your Team in One Place

The content creation process is always fragmented and often involve a lot of teams from subject matter experts, content strategists, Virtual Assistants, and content creators.

KaziFlow provides a centralized place where your team can collaborate by sharing ideas, create content, review, and edit content before publishing on the respective medium.

Intuitive, Easy to Use and Secure

The idea behind KaziFlow, the design, implementation to adoption, and best practices are designed to revolutionize how your people, teams, and organization work.

The platform is developed by an experienced team of content marketers, UI designers, and programmers who are dedicated to ensure we provide the information and tools to get work done in an easy and efficient manner.

Our focus is to not only to deliver dynamic solutions, but, also keep your data safe and secure. Therefore, we employ state of the art technology to provide enterprise class data security and ensure that your information is safe, communications are secure and businesses are protected

We have the Best platform

That is, a content management platform where companies (brands), agencies, and established freelances (veterans with accounts, Direct Clients, and websites) manage their assignments and writers by themselves or with the help of an editor (Commonly reffered to as account manager by academic writer) (We can also categorize them as individuals, agencies, and enterprises).


Happy Clients




Years of experience



What’s new on Kaziflow


The company strategist/digital marketer can post assignments for their content creators (editor can also do so)


Agencies should be able to add clients, place orders on behave of clients, add their writers and editors to the team and manage content.


Individual freelances can also use Kaziflow to manage their accounts and direct clients.

You want to Manage your Content?