Why Kaziflow

Why Kaziflow

By now, you know how hard it can be to create engaging content. It’s even harder if you are using a team of content creators. What usually makes this process hard is using multiple tools like note-takers for brainstorming, spreadsheets for keywords management, content calendar for planning, and email for sending assignment instructions to virtual assistants and writers. Most marketers also google docs for collaborating and editing before publishing the final content on the blog.

The outcome is getting stuck in a limbo where content takes longer than usual to get completed. If your team also experiences this, it is because you do not have a defined workflow. Every marketing team needs to have a system in place to keep track of projects even before the content creators type the first word. Every writing team needs KaziFlow.

Kaziflow for Managing Your Team and Content Workflow

KaziFlow is an all-in-one to plan, write, manage, and collaborate with your editors and writers to create quality content faster.

KaziFlow is your workflow manager.
The platform will help create an excellent content workflow. With KaziFlow, you will be able to collaborate with your content strategists and generate new ideas for your content marketing needs. You will also be able to assign tasks to content creators, collaborate in writing, edit, proofread, and publish easily without giving writers and editors access to your website backbends or social media.

Our Story

The idea behind Kaziflow was borne out of the challenges content marketers face today. Our content marketing team was facing the problems above. We had a good content plan but ended up being late in our content production. Our content marketing manager and co-founder Evans embarked on a journey to find a lasting solution. Together with the marketing team, Evans researched on the internet for a good software to manage the process. We found many solutions, but none was fit for our dynamic content marketing team. Being a tech-savvy company, we requested our team of programmers to help develop a workflow manager that will help us manage all our content marketing activities and named it KaziFlow.

Why Content Creators Love KaziFlow

Intuitive and Easy to use Ideation Board

Ideas can come to you anytime, when cooking, during a hike, or visit you as a midnight rider, we have developed an intuitive and easy to use ideation board where you can ‘jot down’ ideas on the go. Have your executive team members brainstorm and add ideas and concepts to the board where you can easily adopt winning ideas and turn them into the content. Our ideation board also helps you streamline work requests by making sure everyone shares the same, accurate information, and expectations for the project.

Manage Your Team in One Place

The content creation process is always fragmented and often involves many professionals from subject matter experts, content strategists, virtual assistants (VAs), and content creators. KaziFlow provides a centralized place where your team can collaborate by sharing ideas, create content, review, and edit content before publishing on the respective medium.

Built for Diverse teams

Kaziflow can be configured and reconfigured to support any team, complex workflows, and projects across the marketing department. Our dedicated team has been working on the platform to ensure that it’s intuitive and user friendly to enable managers and strategists to create suitable teams with the right professionals.

The Kaziflow Experience

The idea behind KaziFlow, the design, implementation, adoption, and best practices intends to revolutionize how your people, teams, and organization work. The platform is developed by an experienced team of user experience designers, programmers, and content marketers who understand the challenges writing teams experience. Our focus is not only to deliver dynamic solutions but also to keep your data safe and secure. We employ state of the art technology to provide enterprise-class data security and ensure that your information is safe, communications are secure, and businesses are protected. Our community of content management leaders and platform development team are here to help you empower your people, enable growth, and increase the value of content within your organization.